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Sam Gould RD

When you take an encyclopaedia of birds and turn the pages into wallpaper #vegansofig #thevegandieti

W H E R E    I T     A L L    B E G A N
I made the connection and went vegan during the last year of my undergraduate degree in 2007, having been on-off vegetarian since the age of ten.  I gained a 2.1 (Hons) in Physiology from Liverpool University then moved to Bristol where I worked in fundraising for an animal charity.

It was then I realised I had a passion for nutrition and wanted to incorporate both my love for helping people and the plant-based lifestyle.  So I took a post as a paediatric dietetic assistant for four years and applied to study a post-graduate diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics.

N O W 
My current post as a registered dietitian is within the paediatric service in Bristol where I have covered paediatric oncology, allergy, faltering growth and general paeds. Previously I was working in adults within Diabetes, General Medicine, Stroke, Neurosciences and Cardiology. 

I run private clinics in Bristol focusing specifically on plant-based nutrition advice.  I'm also the official nutritionist for vegan charity TeenVGN and have provided workshops on nutrition at two of their popular summer camps.

My recent achievements include writing a nutrition module for the UK's first plant-based CPD course through Winchester University; speaking on behalf of Plant-Based Health Professionals at the London Olympia at Vegfest; and raising a healthy vegan baby who was born in March 2019.

F U T U R E      P L A N S
> Featuring on a well-known nutrition podcast (lips are sealed for now!)

> Writing articles for Dietetics Today and Complete Nutrition regarding plant-based diets
>  Running weekly workshops in plant-based nutrition in Bristol
>  Devising an online course in the basics of vegan nutrition

> Undertaking a dissertation to complete my Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics.